Buying Guide for Hotel Towels

If you are running a hotel business, then you need to have all the necessary things that are needed by people for daily use. The hotel towels are an important part of the hotel rooms. The hotel business requires several different types of towels.

The towel sizes:

When it comes to the hotel towels, the only towels present in the hotel are not wash cloths, hand towels or standard bath towels. There are also several other towels like the bath mats, bath sheets and bath robes. These towels are also essential for keeping the room clean and making the customers comfortable.

Bath mats:

These towels look like the bath towels. They are just slightly smaller in size. They are used in the floor of the hotel and it prevents the floor from getting slippery.

Bath sheets:

These towels have a larger length and larger width as compared to the bath towels. It is very easy to use because of its large size.

Bath robes:

The bath robes are designed with sleeves and a collar and they are easy to use. They do not dry as quickly as the bath towels.

Applications of the hotel towels:

The hotel rooms are mostly made up of cotton yarns. The towels for spa are designed in order to provide maximum comfort. They are designed for maximum whiteness and maximum comfort. they are thick and soft and they mostly weigh 15-20 lbs. per dozen.

hotel towels

Bath towels:

These towels are used in several different locations like the gyms, clubs, hotels etc. these towels are made from a variety of yarns of cotton and blends of cotton and polyester. The weigh range of these towels is between 5-17 lbs. per dozen.

Importance of weight:

The weight of the towels is not a factor that should be ignored by you because the weight of the towel says a lot about the quality of the towels.

The towels that weigh between 15-20 lbs. are more soft, heavy and plush. The towels that are thin only weigh between 5-10 lbs.

The density of the towel determines its ability to absorb the moisture. If the towel is denser than its ability to absorb moisture will be greater as well.

Materials of the towels:

The hotel towels are available in several different fabrics.

Blend of cotton and polyester:

This blend is made up of 86 % cotton and 14 % polyester. It is very soft and also durable.

Open end cotton:

This fabric is a 100 % cotton but it is also very affordable.

Pure cotton:

This fabric is 100 % cotton and it is extremely absorbent. It is very soft and lush. It is better than most of the cotton blend fabrics.

Ring spun cotton:

It is also made up of 100 % cotton and they also have a very silky feel. It is very durable.

Zero twist cotton:

This fabric is almost 30 % lighter in weight as compared to the regular twisted cotton. It is soft, environmental friendly and it dries easily.

Egyptian cotton:

This fabric is made up of soft and silky natural yarns of the cotton. It is very good absorbent and does not require a lot of time to dry.


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