Types of Duvet Covers

Duvet is a bag which is filled with down, feathers, wool or other natural filling and its function is to keep people warm in cold weather. They have overtaken blankets in popularity in Europe and other parts of world. They are also known as comforters. They often have a cover which is like a very big pillowcase for the duvet. You can change the look of the whole room by simply changing the cover of your comforter. They also help you in keeping your duvets clean which is important as it is not easy to wash them again and again.

The cover of the comforter is not only suitable because it keeps the comforters clean but they are also an excellent source of adding your own personal touch to the room. There are several different types of duvet covers available in the market. It is important to think that the cover you are choosing goes well with the interior of the room and its colors.

Different materials used for covers:

They are available in different materials and your choice of material should depend on your own comfort level.


These covers are very silky and it retains the heat very well so it is very suitable for someone who tends to get cold really quickly and likes to keep warm all night. Covers made up of polyester are mostly machine washable or dry cleanable.


It is also very soft and comfortable. The best thing about these covers is that they are breathable, they keep you warm whenever you feel cold and vice versa. It is also machine washable unless the manufacturer specifically advices against it.


Polycotton is formed by combining cotton and polyester. It is a very strong and durable material and it also pretty silky materials. Cotton and polyester are blended in order to combine the strengths of both materials and create a better product. These covers are more breathable and very warm as well. It is also machine washable unless the manufacture give specific reason not to do so.

Polyester sateen:

The combination of polyester and silk form polyester sateen. Their combination is a very good one as it increases the durability of the covers. They give a very elegant and beautiful look to your room. They are also very silky and elegant. It is also machine washable unless manufacture advices otherwise.

Different styles of duvets:

The style that you choose can have a lot of impact on the look of the whole room. Here are some of the styles that are available:


Thread count:

Thread count is the number of threads that are present per square. The higher the thread count is the softer the material will be.


It is a design which is a pattern that is sewn on to the fabric of the cover of the duvet. It is very beautiful and unique design.


It has a design or pattern which is stitched on to the cover of the comforter.


The designs are printed directly on the fabric.


It is a cover which has layers of padding for warmth.


It is made of light weight woven material and it is very soft.

If you are suffering of any allergy, make sure that the type of covering you are buying is not made up of the material which is harmful for you. Also find luxury Pillows of your choice.


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