Duvet Covers – Everyday Use Tips

Duvets covers are an excellent accessory to keep your expensive duvets clean and tidy. Once you spend a lot of money in buying the best and most stylish duvet covers for your room, it is essential to take care of it. You should be aware of how you can properly wash, unwrinkled and take general care of the covers, they will last longer and look good in your room.

Here are certain tips that can help you in maintaining your duvet covers in the best possible way:

Washing the duvet cover:

While buying a duvet cover make sure that they are easily washable. Knowing how to properly wash the cover is very important for making it look good for a long time. The first and most important thing is to take a look at the label because in some cases they need to be dry cleaned and not washed in machine. If your cover is supposed to be dry cleaned and you wash it in a machine, then it will destroy your cover completely. If the instructions are that the cover should be dry cleaned then you should spend some extra money and dry clean it. If you do not the cover it will shrink and will no longer fit your duvet.

If the duvet has any stains on it then always remember to pre-heat the stain before washing it. Before washing the cover you just simply need to spray a stain remover and let it sit for a while. There are different types of stain removers present in the market. While buying a stain remover make sure that it will not have a lot of effect on the color and material of the cover. The cover should be washed before the stain remover gets dry because if it get dry before it is washed, the stain remover will not be effective at all.


After being washed, they need to be dried completely and if you are drying it in a dryer then do it at the lowest heat setting.

Get rid of wrinkles:

These covers get wrinkly pretty easy especially if it has not been used for a sometime. There are some tips that can make it very easy to get rid of the wrinkles. You can use the one which is easy for you.

  • One way is to shake the cover out for a few times in a month.
  • You can hang your covers in a steamy room and if the covers are shaken for a few times then the wrinkles will be gone very easily.
  • You can also iron the covers in order to eliminate the wrinkles. It may take some time but it is very effective. You also need to iron it carefully so that there are no burn marks on the covers.

Pet hair:

If you have a dog or a cat then there will be pet air in your duvet covers and they are not easy to clean.  Some people are attaching a matching sheet which makes it easier to keep the covers clean. You can also use vacuum cleaners, adhesive rollers, static sprays etc.

These small tips will make it easy for you to maintain and keep the covers of the duvets clean and beautiful. Also find Waterproof Duvets from Homesware.


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