Choosing Your Duvet – A Quick Guide

Duvets are very popular in Europe. It is important to buy the right type of duvet in order to achieve comfort and ease. There is a variety of duvets available in the market. There are some key factors that should be known in order to choose the right duvet for yourself. A little information about the duvets allows you to choose the right one.

Here are some of the tips that will allow you to choose the right duvet for yourself.

There are four basic key areas which should be kept in mind while choosing the duvet.





Type of filling:

One of the first thing that needs to be considered is the type of filling it has. There are two different types of fillings available: natural filling or synthetic filling.

Natural fillings are durable and also naturally breathable. If you are looking for a lightweight natural filling then the best choice is down. Down has a very unique ability to trap the air inside it. This makes it extremely lightweight and thermally efficient as well. The feather filling and the down filling provide excellent breath-ability, warmth and a very comfortable feeling. There is a variety of feather filling available in market as well. The variety ranges from the duck feathers to the very finest Siberian and Hungarian goose down duvets in UK.


Synthetic duvets are perfect for you if you have any allergies because they are non-allergic. It is much easier to wash the synthetic duvets. They are an excellent alternative of the natural ones because the latest fiber technology has made the synthetic fiber much lighter and breathable. There are four main synthetic duvets from which you can choose from the perfect balance, a luxuriously soft down-like duvet, cotton embrace and the spun down. Cotton Embrace is a very high quality blend of microfiber while Spun-down is the only type of duvet that can be washed at home easily. It is incredibly soft and also affordable.

Tog rating:

Tog rating is another very important factor in buying the right duvet. It is actually the measure of warmth that a duvet can provide you. Different types of duvets have different tog rating based on the type of material used in them. The higher tog rating is the higher will be the warmth of the duvet will be. If you are looking for a duvet which is suitable for summer, then buy the one with 3.0 to 4.5 tog duvet. For more who require more warmth there are duvets with the tog rating of 9.0 or 10.5. For cold weather it is suitable to choose the ones with tog rating of 13.5, which is generally the highest rating available in the market.  It is always suitable to buy a set which provides you duvets for all the different seasons. They have a set for each season with suitable tog rating.

Choosing the color:

The color of the duvet should be chosen according to the interior of the room. It should go very well with the paint of the room and its other furniture.


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