A Simple Guide for Getting Best Bathroom Towels

The bath towels are a thing of everyday use. They are not only used on domestic level but also in commercial level. The bathroom towels are used in hotel rooms because you cannot run a hotel business without proper linens. The bathroom towels are one of the most important part of a comfortable and luxurious experience of the customers in a hotel room.

When you are choosing the bath towels, there are certain things that need to be considered. Fabric and density ae the two vital factors that should never be ignored.

Fabric of the bath towel:

When it comes to choosing the fabric, the most common choice is the cotton towels. But even the cotton fabric are different quality-wise. There are some of the cotton towels which have some additional natural fibers. The natural fibers add some extra softness to the towels. The bath towels are either made up of Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton or the Turkish cotton. These cottons have really long fibers.

These towels are very absorbent, strong and also durable. If you want the best quality towels then you should chose the towels which are 100 % pure.

The Egyptian cotton is of very high quality and it is grown in Egypt.

The Pima cotton is mostly grown in the United States. The fabrics which are made up of 100 % Pima cotton are known as the Pima cotton.

The Turkish cotton is grown in Turkey.

Density of the bath towel:

The thread count is very important factor if you wish to buy the best quality towels. If you want to know about the quality then you should look at the GSM number which refers to the grams per square meter. This number can tell you the density of the fabric. Higher the number is the higher will be the quality of the towels.


A high quality towel has a GSM number at least 500. The luxury towels in UK have a GSM number of at least 600. They are dense and heavy and they take a long time to dry. The towels with low GSM, between the ranges of 300-400, dry very easily.

Decorative towels:

The decorative towels are mostly embellished with embroidery. They mostly have a lower GSM number and are recommended mostly for lighter use. They provide a very good visual and provide style to the bathroom. They also require special care.

Towels with monograms:

Most of the towels which are used in the hotels have their monograms embodied on them. It adds a very personal touch to the décor of the bathroom. They look luxurious and stylish. They can be bought in any size or color.

Important terms related to bath towels:

Combed cotton:

It is a long and uniform cotton because it has been combed to remove the impurities and the short fibers.


It is a decorative weave and it features a small geometric pattern.


It is a pattern which is woven directly in the fabric with the help of special looms.

Ring spun:

It is made up of long and short threads which are tightly twisted together.


They ate woven with extra yarn so that it can feature absorbent loops.


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