Know About Flat Sheets and Fitted Sheets

There is no big difference between the flat sheets and the fitted sheets. Nowadays both of the sheets are used for the same purpose. The main objective using these sheets is to make the bed comfortable and also to protect the mattress from possible stains. It is important to consider whether the sheets that you are using can easily be snuggled over the mattress. The sheets should not be pulled off easily. It should also be folded easily and neatly.

Fitted sheets:

If you look at the traditional bedding, then you will know that the traditionally the fitted sheets are used to cover the mattresses. These sheets have elastic bands which helps in keeping the sheets in their places and not slip off the mattress. The function of fitted sheets to provide protection to the mattresses and also provide a smooth and soft surface.

fitted sheets

Know the dimensions:

When you go to buy the cheap fitted sheets it is very important that you have perfect dimensions. The sheets will not be able to fit on the mattresses in the best way if the sheets are not of the right dimensions so be very clear about the dimensions of the mattress and the sheets. You should measure the width, length and the thickness of the sheets.

If the dimensions of the sheets are important because if they are right it will be very easy to put it over the mattress. With the perfect dimensions it is also very easy to pull it off the mattress. The sheets with wrong dimensions will not be able to go over the mattress neatly and it will just give a messy look. You will have to straighten it again and again as it will not stay in place for long time so getting the right dimensions is crucial.

Flat sheets:

The flat sheets are also known as the top sheets. These sheets are originally placed between the blankets and the sleeper. The flat sheets make the bed even more comfortable and warm. Important thing about these sheets is that they keep the blankets and comforters clean. The sheets keep the blankets and comforters from getting dirty. The sheets are easier to wash and that is why it is always wise to use the flat sheets.

flat sheets

Importance of the dimensions:

Unlike the fitted sheets, it is not very important to know the exact dimensions of the sheets. These sheets are used separately so the dimensions of the sheets are not considered very important. The flat sheets are tucked under the mattress manually and it does matter if the sheets a little large. You can easily use a queen sized flat sheet for a double bed.

The bed sheets both fitted and flat, are made up of several different fabrics. The choice of fabric depends mainly on the comfort level and personal choice. The best choice is probably the linen sheets because they are very soft, breathable, and durable and they are also very pleasant for the skin. You can choose the fabric that you like because the most important thing is the comfort.

Both fitted sheets and flat sheets in UK are important for a comfortable bed.


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