Keep Your Pillows and Bedding Free of dust-mites by Using Protective Covers

Pillows are something that are used daily and are an important part of our life. They make our life comfortable and easy. It is very important to keep the pillows clean and wash them regularly because if they are not maintained they can be very unhygienic. It is not good for the pillows if they are washed again and again and for people with allergies the filling of the pillow can be a problem. In order to keep the pillows clean and solve the allergy problem you can always use pillow cases.With the advancement in technology the manufacturers have produced anti-dust mite cotton pillow protectors which can keep the pillows free of any dust mites. House dust mites are a very serious problem. They are very small creatures and they are hardly visible with the naked eye. The dust mites live indoors and they live in colonies. They like dark and damp places. You can control the mites and the allergens produced by them by cover the pillows with pillow covers and if the problem is sever you should cover the whole bedding with the anti-mite covers.

The house dust mite covers are made up of several different types of materials. These materials are as following:

Tightly woven.


Membrane coated or film coated woven.

Membrane or film coated non-woven.

Woven with acaricidal coating

Non-woven with acaricidal coating.


Despite of what manufacturers claim it is important to choose the pillowcases or the covers for the whole bedding very carefully. Not all of the covers are as dust mite resistant as claimed. So it is important to be well informed and know that you are buying the correct one.

pillow protectors

The fabrics which are tightly woven are made from twisted cotton or they are made up of synthetic fibers. These fabrics are perpendicular to each other and the weaving pattern is either regular, systematizes bi or tri-axial. If you want to buy the fabric which is most effective in blocking the dust mites from entering the fabric then always prefer to buy the fabric with thread count greater than 246/2 per square inch.

The thread count of any fabric shows the fineness and coarseness of the fabric. The fabrics which are tightly woven have the pore size between 2- 10 m then it means that the fabric will be very effective in keeping your bedding safe from dust mites and majority of the allergens produced by these dust mites will not be able to enter your pillows, your sheets or your duvets.

If you are washing the covers regularly then there is a chance that after a few months of regular washing the quality of the covers will not be the same. If you want more durability of the covers then you should prefer the plastic covers. The plastic covers can withstand the regular washing and there is no effect on the quality of the covers and they are able to protect bedding from the allergens and dust mites. The non-woven fabrics should be avoided because they are not very effective against the allergens and dust mites.


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