Anti-Wrinkle & Beauty Pillowcases Used For Skin Care

Beauty sleep is necessary as it helps the cellular structures repair themselves. It might come as a surprise to you that the wrong pillow or pillowcase might actually be taking a toll on your skin, but this is a fact. If you use a typical pillowcase or standard pillow, it resulted in etches of wrinkles and sleep lines on your skin eventually.

Due to the issues associated with the standard pillowcases, some manufacturers are now designing pillows for wrinkles and skin rejuvenating pillowcases called as anti-wrinkle pillows and pillowcases/beauty pillowcases.

A few decades ago, you would be told that natural fibers are the best fabric for your skin while synthetic fibers are the worst for the chemicals they use. Therefore, silk and satin pillowcases were the best option to go for. Nowadays, in order to optimize skin care, there are more advanced fabrics available. There comes a new moisture technology fabric available, which is scientifically formulated and invented by physicians.


If truth be told, contemporary fabrics exert least friction and pull on the hair and skin. The soft texture enables your skin to slither on the surface of the delicate facial skin. On the other hand, cotton, though natural is a highly absorbent material that robs your skin of moisture and dries it out. When it comes to the anti-wrinkle fabrics, they are less drying and are specially designed to lock the moisture in your skin when you sleeping. Certainly, moisture loss is a major cause of facial wrinkles. Anti-wrinkles fabrics has the ability to distribute the natural skin oils across the skin. If you use a moisturizer at night, some advanced fabrics, will keep it from rubbing off your face and onto the fabric, making it more effective. Though, silk or satin pillowcases are not capable of accomplishing this task. This thin fabric will moisten easily and stick to your skin causing facial wrinkles.

There are some cosmetic products that contain copper and helps stimulate collagen production. This is the major reason that why cosmetologists advise a satin pillowcase for hair and skin; satin contains copper. There are fabrics built on this principle using copper oxide. No doubt, collagen production is a sure shot way to tackle wrinkles and fine lines. On the other hand, high levels of copper in your system could lead to severe side effects. If you sleep on a copper infused pillowcase for 8 hours a night, it can cause vomiting, insomnia and nausea. That absorbed copper is stored in the liver that can also cause digestive track issues. That’s why, doctors recommend to use advanced fabric pillowcases that contains no chemicals or creams and hydrates the skin naturally.

Moreover, if you are using a standard design cotton pillow protectors with a poor support structure, it can also cause wrinkles and fine lines. As a matter of fact, it is not only important to sleep on the right fabrics, but also the correct design. Anti wrinkle pillows are designed in a way that they support and cradle the head. These pillows raises your head slightly higher than would be possible with a regular pillow in order to keep the skin from compressing and prevents wrinkle formation in the eye and orbital area. There are some pillows for wrinkles that also open up the nasal air passage and could prove a good remedy for sleeping problems.


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