Salon towels are a very important part of salons and spas. They are used every day so it is important to have good quality towels because if you select low quality or the wrong type of towels then they will deplete quickly. The towels can become frayed and old really quickly because of regular washing. The salon towels should be soft and fluffy so that the customers feel comfortable.


Here is a guide for you to choose the best salon towels for your place:

  1. The most important thing about the salon towels is that they should just not be stylish but also functional. These towels are often stacked up or hung in the place where the customers can see them so it is important that they are provide a good aesthetic site. Whenever you go shopping for salon towels always look for plush and soft towels so that they can serve their purpose effectively.
  2. The feel of the salon towels is very important. The feel of the towels is an important aspect to consider while buying the cheap towels uk. The towels which are dense are also heavy, durable and better absorbents. The absorbency of the towels can be checked by looking at the density of the loops of the towel.
  3. The towel which is light has a very smooth texture and will need very little time to dry. The towels which are heavy need a lot of time to dry. As these towels are exposed to the moisture frequently so it also needs to be washed regularly. It is a good thing to have towels which are thin and dry quickly.
  4. Always choose the towels which are easy to store because it will make your life much easier. If you have any plans of bleaching the towels then you should first ensure that the fabric of the towel can endure the effects of bleach.
  5. The size of the towel should also be chosen carefully. They should be large enough to easily wrap around the head and the shoulders. You should also choose enough towels to make sure that they do not become old quickly because of frequent use and washing. They washing instructions on the label should be followed carefully to maintain their quality.
  6. It is always a better option to buy the towels which are bleach proof. These towels will be able to withstand the common chemicals of the spa and the salon.
  7. The thread count is very important factor in determining the quality of the towels. If the thread count of the towels is low it means that they are of low quality. It is also relates to how quickly the towels will wear off and become unusable. The towels which are of low quality also contain a lot of lint and this will cause the towels to lose its bulk. The towels will become thin very quickly. It can also cause holes and tearing in the fabric of the towel. The egyptian cotton bath towels with poor weave density are also more likely to get holes in them.

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