Things to Look for Before Buying Best Fitted Sheets

Choosing the bed sheets can be made much easier if you have an understanding of the basics of the types and material of the sheets. Choose the sheets that make sure that you are comfortable and cozy. They should be easy to use because the bed sheets are used daily and they need to be washed daily as well. The ease of using the sheet depends a lot on the type of fabric and the type of sheets that you choose.

Choosing the fitted sheets:

If you plan on buying the fitted sheets for you bed, then there are two things that should be kept in mind. The first thing to know is the size of the mattress along with its depth. The second important thing to know is the difference between the two fabrics. You should also give attention to the elastic quality of the sheets because it is also important.

Most of the time the extra deep fitted sheets are sold in sets. They can be bought along with the flat sheets and the pillowcases. But you can also but the fitted sheets separately. If you are planning on buying the sheets separately then you need to choose the one which matches with the other bed linen in fabric and color.

deep fitted sheets uk

The first step:

The first step of buying the perfect fitted sheets is choosing the right dimensions. In order to choose the correct size you need to know the exact size of the mattress. There are some standard sized sheets available in the market and they are twin, full, king and queen sized. Apart from these sizes there are oversized mattresses available so knowing the exact dimensions will help you in choosing the right size of the sheets.

The fitted sheets are designed in a way that they spread over the mattress by being stretched over it. If you buy the fitted sheets which are smaller than the mattress than the sheet will fall off and if the sheets are too large for the mattress then they will not be able to provide tight and fitting comfort that is required of them.

Pocket depth:

Another consideration while choosing the fitted sheets is the pocket depth. It is possible for the mattresses of standard size to be thicker than usual. The mattresses that are thick are always more comfortable but they also can be more troublesome when it comes to choosing the fitted sheets for the mattress. You can choose the right one by looking at the label of the sheets. Buy the one which is labelled as deep pocket.

Deep pocket:

The deep pocket sheets are easy to fit over the mattresses even the tallest of the mattresses. These sheets are longer and can be easily secured and fitted easily. These products are sold in terms of depth for example 12 inches or 16 inches. The depth of the mattress is measured from the top of the mattress to the box spring. There is a difference between the mattress size and mattress depth. Both of the factors are important in choosing the perfect sized fitted sheets for the mattress.


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