Difference Between Flat and Fitted Bed Sheets

A bed sheet is a very important part of the bedding. The sheets are used to cover the mattress. There are different types of bed linens used in the world. Some people also prefer to use a second flat sheet on top of the sheet that covers the mattress. The second sheet that is used is known as the flat bed sheet. If the top sheet is being use then the sheet covering the mattress is known as the fitted sheet.

There is a slight difference between flat and fitted sheets. Here are some of the differences explained so that while buying the bed linen you do not get confused:

Flat bed sheet:

The top sheet is known as the flat sheet. This sheet is mostly used between the sleeper and the blanket.

king size flat sheets

Why use flat sheets:

It not only makes the bed more comfortable. The best thing about these sheets is that they keep the blanket or the comforter from getting dirty. In warmer seasons the king size flat sheets can be used in place of the blanket.

Choosing the size:

It is not very important to know the exact size of the flat sheet while purchasing it because these sheets are used separately. You can use a queen sized sheet for a double bed.

Fitted bed sheets:

The fitted sheets are the one which are present on the mattress on a bed. These sheets are equipped with elastic sewn on the four corners so that the sheets can be kept in place.

These sheets just like the other components of the bed linen are sold separately. They can also be bought as the part of the set. If you buy a complete sheet set then it will include fitted sheet, flat sheet or a top sheet, a single pillowcase for a twin sized beds. For other size of the bed there are often two pillow cases.

fitted sheets sale

The main function of the fitted sheets is to keep the bed comfortable and clean as well. It helps in providing a very soft layer next to your skin.

Physical differences between the two sheets:

The flat sheets look just like their name. They are very flat and they can be folded very neatly and easily. The fitted sheets need elastic corners to be kept in place and these elastic corners make it difficult to fold. They can only be folded easily if they are folded over a mattress.

Function of the sheets:

The queen size fitted sheet protects the mattress and provide a very soft and comfortable surface. They are also known as the bottom sheets and they can be snuggled easily around the corners of the mattress.

A flat sheet is put over the fitted sheets and it is bigger in size of the bed and they can be tucked under the mattress. The comforter is kept clean with the help of these sheets. It helps in maintaining the quality of the comforters because it does not has to be washed very often.

Things to consider:

If you are buying the fitted sheets, it is important to keep the dimensions in mind. When it comes to flat sheets the exact dimensions are not very important.


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