Make Use of Variety of Duvet Covers to Give Your Room a Unique Look

Duvets are used commonly as a substitute to the layers of blankets, quilts and comforters. The duvet is a big and smooth bag which is filled with material that is highly insulated. If you live in a region with normal weather then a single duvet is enough for making you comfortable and warm. The duvets also have duvet covers which keep the 4.5 tog duvets neat and clean. Having covers can be very beneficial for maintaining the quality of the duvets.

The covers are available in different sizes and they are matched to the size of the duvets. You can easily give your room a new look by changing the covers of the duvets. They are much easy to clean and wash them.


These are available in several different fibers and colors and they can be used to change whole look of your room. Some of the materials that are used for making these covers are:


This material is very silky and it has an excellent ability to retain heat. It is very easy to maintain the cover made up of polyester because it is easily washable in machine


The cotton duvet covers are very soft and comfortable on the skin. Cotton fabric is a breathable material which keeps you very warm. It is also washable by machine which makes it easy to maintain.


A Polycotton fiber is manufactured by combining cotton and polyester. The combination creates a very strong and high quality fiber. It is warm as well as breathable. This material is very little prone to pilling and static. It is washable by machine and easy to maintain.

Polyester sateen:

This cover is made by mixing polyester and satin. It is durable and very silky. It looks very stylish and luxurious. It gives a very classical and elegant.

Different styles of the duvet cover:

You can easily change the whole outlook of room by changing the style of cove that you are using. There are several different styles available in the market. Each has its unique look and gives a whole new feel to your room.

Here are some of the styles of duvet covers available in the market:

Thread count:

Thread count refers to the number of threads present in the cover per square. The number of thread tells you about the quality of the duvet. The high thread count, the higher will be its quality. It has a lot of effect on the quality and warmth of the cover.


Applique is the design or the pattern that is sewn on the fabric. This style gives the cover a very stylish and beautiful look. You can choose the color of pattern according to the interior of the room and give the room a very bright and fresh look.


These types of covers have a pattern or a design stitched on the fabric of the cover. Tis style a very delicate, decorative and classic look. They also look expensive and elegant so they are an excellent choice for changing the look of the room.


This style has a design or a pattern printed directly on the fabric.

By changing the style of the duvet cover present in your room you can completely give your room a new and fresh look.


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