All About Paper Blankets (Craft Pads)

Most probably you have never heard of these Paper blankets, as they are used while relocating. Whenever you need to pack your furniture of the home for shifting or storage purpose, most people think about blankets which are quilted and consider them their first choice. That is completely right, but what will occur after finishing this move? You could get stuck with a lot of moving blankets that is really an unwanted stuff for you in future. You could also try to sell it on eBay, but online auctions present for moving and storage blankets are already overflowing with second hand packing blankets available for sale, so that’s why you have to sell your moving blankets at a very low price, which may not worth your trouble.

These paper blankets are the alternative of cloth quilted moving blankets, and they are also known as brown paper packing blankets and craft pads. Usually people really don’t know about this option. In fact, these paper packing blankets are the best option to use as compared to quilted moving blankets, especially when you are keeping your items for longer time periods in the store room. Because they are light, clean, breathable, and also don’t take lots of extra space.

Usually these paper blankets are environmental friendly, because they are made up of managed resources which are 100 percent recyclable. Paper blankets consistently provide protection to furniture surface for storage space and moving which includes a sea export shipping to extremely hot climates. As these papers moving and packing blankets are very breathable, clean, strong and porous for protecting the wooden surfaces present in moist and humid surroundings. They usually cost very less as compared to a moving blanket. And when you are done with this move then you could place them in the recycle bin.

Paper blanket:

These paper moving blankets are made up of natural products, and are manufactured from materials that could be recycled. Usually this cover is reusable and is recyclable and a good alternative to all other types of furniture blankets and covers. These paper blankets consist of two outer layers of sturdy paper and three inner layers made up of soft tissue just like paper which provides cushioning.


How these paper blankets are made?

Actually, these luxury bed blankets are made up of two outer layers of russet color Kraft paper and the inner three layers are made up of paper which is light weighted. Usually the inner three layers could consist of toweling bogus, newsprint, light-weight, Kraft tissue or non woven papers. Normally these papers moving and packing Blankets are available in standard widths of 42 inches, 48 inches, 54 inches and 60 inches and they could be cut to any length of your choice. The surface of paper packing blankets has a folded border, which creates a sturdier blanket which reduces the possibility of paper cuts. These paper blankets are considered to be ideal for using with any kind of furniture that might retain some moisture or be vulnerable to the rust.


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