Different Materials Used for Making Bed Linens

Bed linen is an important and essential part of daily life. Because of the importance of the bed linens in daily life it is important that they are chosen with a lot of care and consideration. There is an extensive variety of printed bedding available in the market so when you are going to shop for the bedding fabrics for the first time then it can be a little overwhelming. The materials that are used for making the linens has increased over the time making it difficult to choose the right fabric.


In order to make things easier for you, here is a little information about some of the materials that are used to make the bed linens.


The best thing about bamboo is that it can be harvested quickly because the tree grows quickly. Their fast growing nature makes them very sustainable material. The grass of the bamboo has a pulp which has a lot of characteristics like bacteria resistant and also hypoallergenic. For people with allergies this fabric is very suitable.


Cotton has been used as a fabric for the bed linens for a long time. It is an excellent material for everything not just for the bed linens. Cotton is used for making pillows, duvets, cheap duvet covers etc. cotton has an excellent breath-ability and it also has the property of moisture wicking. This is the best material because it can be used for any season. The cotton fabric keeps you warm in winter and it provides a nice and cool feeling in the summers. The cotton fabric is also easy to wash and they are available in an extensive variety of sizes and designs.

Cotton blend:

Apart from cotton another popular fabric is the polyester. The polyester is often mixed with the cotton and it creates an excellent combination. All of the good qualities of cotton and polyester are combined when these two are mixed. The blend of cotton and polyester has excellent durability as compared to the synthetic fabrics. It is not as breathable as the pure cotton but the blend cotton is easier to care for and maintain.

Egyptian cotton:

This type of fabric is grown exclusively along the river Nile. It is a very luxurious fabric and the quality of the fabric is incredible for luxury bed linen online. The weather of where it is grown is perfect for the fabric and gives it its excellent quality. This fabric has the ability of being absorbent, robust, breathable and very silky.


Flannel is not the best fabric for the bed linens. The fabric made up of flannel may have a plain or twill weave. It is said to be very soft fabric but it can be pretty fuzzy. This fabric is a derivative of the cotton fabric but it has one side having a napped finish. The napping of the finish means that the side of the fabric is brushed so that the surface is raised and it produces a fuzzy effect. This is an excellent fabric for those who live in colder regions because it is very warm and comfy. They are also very suitable for crib sheets.

Italian Linen:

This particular fabric is based on the Egyptian cotton which is processed in Italy. It is a very luxurious fabric and there is nothing else like it. it is also very expensive fabric.


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