Essential Things to Consider When Buying Pillows

Pillows are items that we own but are often overlooked as long as we already have them in our possession. If you come to think of it, you actually spend more time with your pillows compared to your favorite shoes, favorite bag or any other prized belongings because if you sleep in your room most of the time then you end up spending at least 5 hours with your pillow every day. That number is a lot compared to the time spent with any other belonging that you have. This is why investing on pillows that you really love is a must. Here a few tips that I would like to share when buying cheap pillowcases.


  1. Know the right time for replacing your pillows.

The best way to know that your pillows are bound for replacement is to check for lumps and sagging. Textile expert Lexy Jansen says “If you own a regular pillow with fiberfill then fold it in half and then place a heavy book on top of it. If the pillow springs back to its old form then it is still good but if it stays folded then that means it should already be replaced.”

  1. Consider your sleeping position.

The material of the pillow along with its thickness can be supportive towards your sleep. Your sleeping position is also a factor towards the type of pillow that you need this is why you must tightly consider the type of pillow that you buy according to your usual sleeping position. Natalie Dasovich who is a scholar at the National Sleep Foundation says “Side sleepers would love thick pillows while stomach sleepers need the thinner variation. People who love to sleep on their back can get away with either.” Aside from the thickness, you must also be conscious of the position of the neck on top of the pillow and it is recommended to get a pillow that can provide support and comfort in the neck area so that the pillow can easily adapt whenever you change your position while sleeping.

  1. Be choosy with materials.

The material that your pillow is made out of should be a serious consideration when buying a new pillow. If you want “down pillows” then that means you want it to be fluffy and feathers should be the interior material for it since it is much less expensive. However, you can go cheaper when you choose to go with synthetic fill but you cannot expect maximum comfort out of it since it is just a generic model. Memory foam should be the perfect choice as long as you have enough budget for it.

  1. Check the care label.

Take note of how you should clean your pillow whether you are allowed to wash it via the washing machine or dry clean the item. There are also pillows that are required for spot treating exclusively due to the materials being used for it. On an average, pillows should at least be washed four times a year and it is advised that you use some cotton pillow protectors in order to extend its lifetime.

  1. Test the pillow before buying it.

Do not hesitate to rest your head on the pillow in order to try it out before you pay for it in the counter. Take your time in trying it out just to make sure that it is the right pillow for you. If product testing is disabled due to the plastic covering of the product then simply test it when you get home, if you feel uncomfortable with the pillow then have it replaced with a different model right away.

  1. Your pillow preferences could change over time.

There are a lot of factors that could change your preferences when it comes to best luxury pillows. Changes in health status and weight can affect your needs towards a pillow. You might need a different type of support and comfort over time that is why it can be inevitable that you have to replace your pillow every now and then.


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