If you want to live healthily, you must need a flawless sleep. Many beneficial functions like memory enhancement,  emotional well-being and toning the entire body are performed during the sleep.

Bedding environment is the most important element for a good and sound sleep. For this purpose, people often try several things. But always be remembered you can’t underestimate the role of the pillow in your bedding.


The pillow is responsible for aligning the entire body in an ideal position while sleeping. An ideal alignment of the body means that the neck and spinal cord remain straight. Hence such practice reduces the chances of post-night pull downs and unwanted pain.

There are several types of pillow available in the market. Each type of the pillow has its own benefits. For better understanding, here we are going to explain some general types of pillow.

  • Body Pillow is designed to support the whole body. They come in huge size and produce extra support.
  • Memory Foam pillows are specially designed for the people suffering from shoulder, back and neck pain. They provide maximum level of support to the body by moulding its surface according to the position of your body
  • Contour pillows are designed to provide support to the neck of the side sleepers.
  • Down pillows are the most luxurious pillows. These pillows provide the maximum level of comfort while sleeping.
  • Feather pillows are also best known for their comfort level. But they are less luxurious as compared to down pillows.
  • Buckwheat pillows are composed of the natural hulls of buckwheat. These pillows are long lasting as you may renew the inside material when required.
  • Latex pillows are made of latex rubber. These pillows are the best for allergy sufferers due to the natural composition of rubber.
  • Polyester pillows are cheap, washable and popular kind of pillows. These pillows are simply produced by filling any sort of cotton in a polyester cover.
  • Water pillows are often recommended by medical experts to the person suffering from muscle strain. Water is used in this pillow instead of any other material.
  • Microbead pillows are filled with small rounded polyester beads.

From all these kind of pillows, Hungarian Goose Down pillows are the most comfortable and supportive accessories for an ideal bedding. If you are in the seek for the betterment of your bedding, you must go with Goose Down Pillows. Now the very first thing that will raise in your mind is surely the Why? So, in order to satisfy this question. Here we are going to discuss that how much do you know about Goose Down Pillows.

Down is a soft layer that exists underneath the feathers of geese, ducks and other similar species in order to keep them warm and dry. Down is a way soft as compared to the hard quills of feathers that are why Goose Down Pillows are softer and comfy than Feather pillows.

China is the largest producer of goose down and it is chosen to fill the pillows, duvets and comforters due to its enhanced luxurious warmth, durability, softness and unique texture.

The quality of a goose down pillow can be determined by loft or fill power. The more lofts or fill power, the more quality goose down will be. Technically speaking, fill power of a goose down can range between three hundred cubic inches to eight hundred cubic inches per ounce. Definitely, eight hundred cubic inches per ounce will possess the maximum quality.


So, while choosing the goose down pillows you must determine the fill power. Nothing is better than having a goose down pillow while sleeping. We assure you that these cheap pillowcases will pay their worth.


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