5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Flannel Duvet Covers

Does your bedroom bring you the actual comfort you want? Is your bed inviting? Are the room colors, inspiring you? Spending time to rest and luxuriate has a great impact on our daily lives. So, if you are like many other people and enjoy sleeping and dreaming, then you should look forward to the comfort that your bedroom brings to you. Your bedroom, and your bed in particular, should provide the dreamy, restful sleep that our bodies crave.


Duvet cover is a protective fabric covering for comforters and quilts. Despite protecting the your best duvet from getting soiled, covers are preferred for a variety of other reasons. You can simply remove the cover and get laundered every so often, while saving the trouble of laundering bulky bedding regularly. As the covers are changeable, you can transform the look of a room at a price cheaper than buying new duvets such as ‘Flannel’. It is made up of loose knit cotton, wool or synthetic fabric, which is one of the warmest and most comfortable materials, and that’s the major reason why it is tremendously popular in the winter.

Are you going to shop your next duvet cover, then here are some of the reasons why you should consider flannel.

Easy-to-clean & Hard-wearing The first thing that you need to know about the covers are; they are easy to clean, and they do not need any special care or dry cleaning. You can just launder in the house without applying any extraordinary techniques. When it comes to the flannel, it is also one of the strongest materials, which make it defiant to accelerate wear and tear and that’s why it is perfect for duvet covers, especially for kids’ beds since they can endure frequent washing.

Cozy — Flannel duvet covers are the best for cozy, warm winter nights. Their exceptional characteristics (light weight, warm and soft) make them the most comfortable bedding. Flannel duvet covers are seldom allergenic and it’s rare for a person to experience itching or overheating.

Softness — Certainly, flannel seems to be one of the warmest and softest materials available in the market these days. That’s why it is popular for covers. In contrast to other course textured warm duvets, flannel covers are soft to touch and lightweight. Other alternative warm materials are textured and bulky.

Style — Flannel is in fact one of the easiest materials to style and print. Therefore, flannel duvet covers are easy to make into any design and it’s easy to find a cover in the style that suits your preferences. When shopping for covers do not limit your choices to the traditional design.

These duvet covers are best suited for kids’ beds since they can be brightly colored. Since most kids’ bedding requires brightly patterned bold colors, flannel makes an excellent choice.

Capillarity action — Another benefit of having flannel duvet covers is that they have the ability to wick moisture, which makes them preferable, especially if one sweats a lot at night. In fact, this material is also cozy on the skin, which makes it more comfortable to use.


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