4 Types of Duvets You Need for Every Season


Have you lived in a time when blankets and  sheets were hard to get and duvets had to be hand made? If yes, then what you did to keep yourself warm while sleeping? During the mid 18th century, the Europeans found that the way out was to make duvets.


In the past, duvets were used in sets of two, where one was placed directly on the mattress with no blankets or sheets and the second one was placed on top of the first one with a person sleeping between them. Duvet — the mattress sized pillow filled with duck feathers or down, and it was put in a cover like a pillow case. Have you heard about the down comforter? Do you really know what is down?

‘Down’ is in fact the fluff and soft natural insulation, which we can find next to the skin of a goose or a duck. It is super light but it has the ability to capture air efficiently. Moreover, it also keeps the air warm and provide great protection from the cold in the spring/autumn season. That is the major reason why it is considered to be the best material for making comforters. When it comes to a 10.5 tog duvets, it plays an important role in keeping you warm and healthy during winters.

Frankly speaking, it would be good for you to invest more money to get yourself a high quality one. When you say good quality down comforters, they are usually made by using baffles to hem in the sections of down within the comforters so that the down will not shift from one section to another. Here the thing to remember is that good comforters will not be flattened easily.

What Is Tog Rating?


Tog is actually a gauge of warmth; if the Tog rating is higher than it means the comforter would be warmer. But if you want a lightweight summer comforter, then a comforter with a tog rate of 3.0 – 4.5 would be much more suitable. Moreover, if you need extra warmth you should select a comforter with 9.0 tog rate or 10.5 tog rates for people who desire for warmer comforter, and if you want a comforter for colder seasons then, a 13.5 tog is the highest one available.

Types Of Duvets

You should buy a four seasons set of comforter, which gives you options of three warmth level with the help of two comforters: 4.5 tog rate comforter for summer, 7.5 tog rate comforter for spring, 10.5 tog double duvet for and autumn and when you join them together they will  make  a 13.5 tog rate comforter for winter.

There are mainly four types of duvets;

  1. Summer Duvets – It’s a lightweight duvet with 4.5 tog and is perfect for the
  2. Spring Duvets – It’s also a lightweight duvet, but heavier than a 5 tog king size duvet and is perfect for the spring season.
  3. Fall (Autumn) Duvets – These 10.5 tog duvets are perfect for the bedrooms with blanket or central heating in the winter.
  4. Winter Duvets – These duvets are designed for winter months with the highest tog i.e. 13.5 and keeps you cozy, warm and snug.

Generally, all duvets are categorized into two major groups, i.e. the sewn-through stitching and the baffle box construction. When it comes to the cost of getting the sewn-through stitching, it is usually less than baffle-box design. However, you need to evaluate different comforters based on your needs and know the special features of them before finalizing the purchase.




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