Tips for Taking Proper Care of the Towels


Towels are an important part of our lives as they are used all the time. The towels have a decorative role as well because they make the bathroom look beautiful. Nobody wants to have a dingy and moldy towel in their bathroom. A clean towel not only makes the bathroom look beautiful, it also adds an aesthetic value to the bathroom.

The towels are used on a daily basis so you need to be extra careful to keep them clean and tidy. You need to wash them on a regular basis if you want to keep them free of germs. It is not easy to keep them fluffy and soft despite regular washings. Here are a few tips that can help in keeping towels in god condition.

Washing at Right Time:

You have to keep the towels clean in order to maintain personal hygiene but you cannot just wash them every day because they will lose their fluffiness if they are washed too many times. The bath towels should be washed every three to four days. The best way of making sure that you are using a clean towel is to keep more than one towel. Wash them together and you will be saving time and energy. You should wash all the towels including the hand towels about three to four times a week and you will always have a clean towel to use without compromising their quality.

Use Cold Water:

Traditionally warm water is used for laundry but that is not the choice you should make while washing towels. It is best to wash them in cold water because it will prevent shrinkage and will help in keeping them in good condition for a long time. It also helps in maintaining the color of the towels if you are using colored ones like grey bath towels. Warm water can dull the color and they will look old and washed out.

Keeping a Check on Fabric Softeners:

The fabric softeners are always the best friend of fabrics especially if you are using them on towels. Most of the softeners use chemicals that can be harmful to the fiber and to the people using them. There are better ways of keeping the towels fluffy. You can put a tennis ball in the dryer and it will keep the towels in better condition than the fabric softeners.

Wash them Separately:

You should never wash the towels with other laundry items. You do not want to color of your white bed linen to change because you washed it with green bath towels. If you put them with other items then it can also damage the fabric because there is too much friction.

Dry Carefully:

Over-drying the towels can also decrease the lifespan of the towels. Do not leave them in the dryer for a long time because it will have a negative impact on the quality of the fabric. If you want to keep them soft and fluffy then you should air dry them because it helps in maintaining the absorbency of the towel and they will last longer.


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