People often underestimate the importance of bed sheets while sleeping. Bed sheets play a keen role while sleeping by providing warmth, comfort and complete insulation. Normally bed sheets possess two main types Fitted and Flat. Bed sheet is used directly on the mattress by sewing the four corners with elastic to hold the edges of mattress. 4ft bed linen is used on this fitted bed sheet in order to make a cover upon it. It is a simple piece of cloth that provides extra texture of comfort to your bedding. Some people often use only a single sheet either fitted or flat at one time and avoid to use both of them together. Actually the bed is act like a cover and prevents the basic fitted sheet from being dirty. Along with this feature beds also have further importance as respect to bedding.

Here we are going to discuss the 5 tips to stacking your bedding elements.


Adding a bed in your room enable you to enhance the comfort level of your sleep. It depends on you that how much cosy bed sheet you may afford. The higher level of cosiness wills higher the luxurious texture in your bedding. You can also enhance the comfortability by utilizing the bed sheet to your bed.

Magnificent Covering

As you know that bed is provide the ultimate comfort to your body. So, you may enhance the gorgeousness of your bed by using colourful bed sheets. You may also match the colour the of your bed sheet with the paint of the walls in order to possess more attractive look. Hence, if you are a creative person, you can use your bed to décor your bed room. You can also protect your mattress by applying a waterproof mattress protector double.


Using bed as additional covering of your bed allows you to keep your mattress cleaner. You only need to wash the bed rather than the fitted bed sheet. In this way, bed enables you to keep your bedding as graceful as you want. IF you added the sheet to your bed, then you should take proper measures to keep it keep. So always ensure that the wash ability is quite good.


Bed allows you change the level of warmth as per requirement. It doesn’t matter what the weather outside is, the only thing you need is to replace the bed sheet according to the weather and you will get the desired result. A bed with fur allows you to enhance the warmth of your bedding in chilling nights. Similarly, bed sheets with cotton fibre will provide a cool texture in hot summer.

Dual Functionality

Sometimes, when require, often a bed is used more than a mattress covering. A furry, warm and cosy bed sheet can be used instead of duvet. So you can say a bed possess dual functionality. A bed can be an essential element of your bedding. You can take much advantage of it as its importance can be understood by the features mentioned above.


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